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Boris Glikman

A writer, poet and philosopher from Melbourne, Australia

Boris says: “Writing for me is a spiritual activity of the highest degree. Writing gives me the conduit to a world that is unreachable by any other means, a world that is populated by Eternal Truths, Ineffable Questions and Infinite Beauty. It is my hope that these stories of mine will allow the reader to also catch a glimpse of this universe.”

The biggest influences on his writing are Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges. Dreams and imagery are also an important source of creative inspiration to him and many of his stories originate from the scenarios and ideas in his dreams, or are inspired by images that he comes across on the internet.

His stories (including flash fiction and micro-fiction), fables, parables, poems, aphorisms and non-fiction articles have been published in various online and print publications. He has appeared a number of times on the radio, including Australian national radio, performing his poems and stories and discussing the meaning of his work.

Boris’ work has been performed live by professional actors, set to music, painted about, read out on radio programs by radio hosts, translated into the unique whistling language of Silbo Gomero and has been displayed for two months on a giant screen in Melbourne’s city centre. He is also working on adapting his stories to the cinematic medium.

In his bid to become, amongst many other things, the next Weird Al Yankovic, Boris also writes song parodies which are regularly performed live by professional musicians.

In 2008 his short story “The Clearness and The Impenetrability” was nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize.

Boris has two degrees: Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Philosophy and Linguistics) and Bachelor of Science (majoring in Mathematics and Physics). Since completing his degrees, he has pursued a writing career.

Boris used to be the philosopher of a spiritual community and many of his articles were given their premiere by being read out in public programs in front of hundreds of people.

Since 2009 Boris Glikman has collaborated with Michael Cheval, one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Boris has written short stories, fables and poems to accompany Michael Cheval’s paintings. Boris and Michael Cheval are also planning to collaborate on postcards and a coffee table book.

He has also been long creative in the fields of maths and physics and has come up with many results in both those fields, as well as in other areas of science.

Boris says that he has two life-long ambitions: to become a child prodigy when he grows up and to change the very fabric of space-time itself.

His hobbies in his spare time include conducting his own research and making revolutionary discoveries in the fields of mathematics, physics, philosophy and literature.

He leads an otherwise quiet and retiring life.



Lewis Fiander

“Boris Glikman is touched with genius. Unfortunately he lives in Australia. My people back horses and shy away from men of distinctive vision and gentle understanding. More Mr. Glikman – we will be better humans because of your productive pen…”

Lewis Fiander

Film, Stage and Television Actor

Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Fiander

Rev. Robert Meagher

“Boris Glikman is a thoughtful and gifted writer. His creativity knows no limits. His ability to view life from different perspectives and dimensions provides him the opportunity to imagine and envision another world of possibilities. He eloquently conveys these possibilities in profound and thought-provoking prose that has the capability of carrying the reader along with him to another time and space. Whether through storytelling or poetry, Boris’ gifts are on display In a plethora of shapes, sizes, and styles and bless us with their grace.”

Rev. Robert Meagher

Founder and Spiritual Director

Spiritual Guidance

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Email: rmeagher@servingyourjourney.com

Website:  www.servingyourjourney.com

John Beck

“Burdened with a fervent and prolific imagination, Boris Glikman has managed the flow with patient skill and led many of us into quite astonishing new places of the mind. I appreciate also the innocence out of which his visions are spun; often enough they are dark or ironic, but whether the sun shines or the moon, it is in its own right and not just for effect. Long may his worlds perform their artful dances!”

John Beck

Editor, “being human” magazine (USA)

Mark P. Henderson

“Boris Glikman’s stories have impressed and amused me ever since I first encountered them. They’re quirky, distinctive and thought-provoking and invariably reward second and third readings. In the way he combines the real with the surreal, the mundane with the bizarre, you can see his appreciation of Kafka, but notwithstanding the importance of this influence his work is never derivative. In creating his highly individual brand of fiction, Boris weaves together his considerable scientific knowledge, his penchant for fantasy, and his desire to cast an oblique, idiosyncratic light on the human condition. The resulting fabric is colourful, its texture a delight. In 2015, one of my short stories appeared in the same anthology (blue Crow Magazine Issue Four) as one of Boris’s. To see my work in such company was an honour. But I wouldn’t try to write like him; I couldn’t.”

Mark P. Henderson

Author, Editor and Storyteller

Website:  http://markphenderson.com

Stuart Reedy

“Boris Glikman is unique in the writing world. Without regard for markets or outside expectations, he actually seems to be mining the core of human existence. To read him is to catch snippets of the human condition, and by that, I mean, the condition of being human, which is as mortal as it is marvellous, as revolutionary as it is oppressive,as enlightening as it is befuddling. Reading Boris is addictive. Reading Boris has made me more human. I am proud to have his story ‘The Pen of Plenty’ in Lizard Skin Press Anthology 4 (Strange) and I look forward to the day he achieves the recognition he deserves: a master of the short story and an important writer of our time.”

Stuart Reedy

Publisher of The Lizard Skin Press short story anthologies

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