Coming Soon…Anti-Labyrinths

If labyrinth is a place where one traverses a long and often tortuous path to its centre—a maze in which one becomes disorientated while seeking the secrets that lie at its core—might it be possible that an anti-labyrinth also exists? A place whose centre lies at every point . . . where mysteries are revealed with each new step . . and instead of getting lost . . . one finds oneself?

Such are the unique musings of Boris Glikman in this dazzling collection of poems, fables, flash fiction, short stories and other wondrously crafted works. Within each mind-boggling piece, whether a stunning aphoristic flash fiction or an extended examination of the fundamental dilemmas of human existence, “Anti-Labyrinths” unveils secrets and paradoxes at every turn of the page, urging the reader toward a journey of self-discovery.

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