News & Links


  1. Boris’ Corner – a blog of Boris’ writings
  2. Feature article by the British publishers Fantastic Books Publishing
  3. 30-minute radio interview on Australian radio, in which Boris talks about his work and reads stories aloud
  4. Boris’ stories being performed on Australian radio on a program titled “Queensland Storyteller” by radio presenter Kim Dodsworth: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3
  5. Radio interview on Australian national radio program “All in the Mind”:  recording    transcript & details of the program
  6. Interview with Boris for British literary magazine Structo
  7. Interview with Boris for The Australia Times Fiction Magazine
  8. Interview with Boris for the Australia Times Unearthed Fiction Magazine
  9. Videos of Boris’ song parodies being performed by professional musicians: Link 1, Link 2Link 3, Link 4
  10. Videos of Boris’ stories & poems being performed at literary events: Link 1Link 2Link 3, Link 4Link 5, Link 6, Link 7, Link 8
  11. Audio recording of Boris’ poems performed by Lewis Fiander and actors from Victorian College of the Arts
  12. Videos of Boris’ stories & poems set to music, created by AgNes : Link 1,  Link 2,  Link 3
  13. Feature article by Scully Love Promo: “Boris Glikman – Underground Australian Celebrity With A Mind Like A Planet”
  14. Article (both in English and Spanish) about the translation of Boris’ story into the whistling language of Canary Islands
  15. Article in Spanish newspaper El Diario about translation of Boris’ story into the whistling language of Canary Islands. You can find the English translation of the article here
  16. Links to stories published in the largest online spiritual magazine in the USA called The OM Times. Boris’ stories have been published in both the English and Spanish editions:


  1. The mePhone
  2. The Good Deeds of Kenny the Koala
  3. The Day Death Died   &  2nd Link
  4. The Shadow of the Great Nebula of Orion & 2nd Link
  5. The Substitute Sun
  6. Waking Up to Life (February 2013)
  7. Waking Up to Life (March 2013)
  8. The (Virtually) Real Life & 2nd Link
  9. Is Your Life Music to Your Ears?  & 2nd Link
  10. The Missing Truths
  11. The Caterpilion
  12. A Life in the Day  & 2nd Link


  1. El yoPhone & 2nd Link
  2. La Sombra de la Gran Nebulosa de Orion & 2nd Link
  3. El Dia que Fallecio la Muerte & 2nd Link
  4. El Sol Sustituto & 2nd Link
  5. Despertando a la Vida & 2nd Link